Meet Our Practitioners

Experience 1:1 healing.

Every session is a sanctuary for restoration and transformation. Guided by a deep understanding of holistic wellness, our practitioners blend ancient wisdom with modern techniques to address your unique needs.

Whether it's energy healing, therapeutic massage, or intuitive counseling, each session is tailored to foster healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. With compassionate guidance and unwavering support, our practitioners create a sacred space for you to explore, heal, and thrive on your personal healing journey.



Heart Centered Life Coach

Emotional Release Therapy

Overcome deep-seated obstacles, empowering you to cultivate lasting positive change and build the life you desire.

Kari is a certified life and business coach, EFT/tapping practitioner, and Reiki Master.

Her compassionate nature gives her a unique ability to create a healing spaces where you'll feel safe exploring and clearing any deeply rooted blocks holding you back.

Utilizing her expertise and tremendous insight, Kari chooses the modality best suited to your needs and repeats them as many times as you need to experience meaningful, lasting change in your life.

Kari then guides you through developing new patterns, providing clarity, and arming you with the tools you need to build the life you want.



5 Elements Reiki Master

Animal Energy Healer

Find peace and love within yourself! Jasmine's mission is to guide you toward living a truer, more authentic life through releasing blockages. This is a safe place to explore your emotions, address your inner child and heal the wounds that linger from your past. 

Jasmine is a 5 Elements Reiki Master specializing in understanding the intricate emotional rhythms of life providing a safe space where all emotions are not only welcome but honored.



Death & Grief Coach Paranormal Investigator

Move into yourself through Breathwork and Sound Healing practices. Going within and working on who you are at the soul level will unlock so many of your gifts just as it’s done for me in my Spiritual journey.

Jerry has been studying the Paranormal world for over 8 years and has come full circle in his beliefs about what happens when we leave this Human experience. Death and grief are a very real part of our existence and just by expressing our loss of love we can heal on so many levels.



Clutter Coach

Find peace in having your home truly support you! Become empowered as we work together to create new inner dialogues and lifestyle habits to overcome overwhelm and enhance order and efficiency at home and inside yourself.

Kate uses a combination of Reiki, Feng Shui, and Life Coaching to help you Discover your defaults, Cut Clutter inside and out, and Create rhythms and rituals to simplify your home and lifestyle so that you feel completely supported in your daily life.


Integration Coach

Navigating a spiritual awakening can be a challenging journey and every path is unique. Roxy is here to guide you in integrating your newfound spiritual awareness into your human experiences and cultivate meaningful relationships.

Discover the power of feeling Grounded, Passionate, & Safe as you connect with and root deeply into your authentic self, reignite your passion for life, and feel safe to follow that passion, wherever it leads, as you pursue your purpose and make the most of life.


Massage Therapist

Deep tissue healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Our physical ailments are often the result of issues that stem from non-physical trauma. Negative energy can then build up in areas of our bodies, resulting in tension, imbalances, and pain. When these energy fields are cleared, you will begin to notice vast improvements in your health, mindset, and overall well being.​

Aaron is a massage therapist of 14 years. He works with you to provide healing for the mind, body, and spirit through deep tissue, cranial sacral, sports, and relaxation massage techniques.


Essential Oils Specialist

I am a dedicated essential oils specialist, committed to guiding you on a transformative journey toward physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

I offer more than just a service—I provide a pathway to holistic living. A life where you move effortlessly both physically and emotionally and achieve aspirations through a non-toxic, positive approach.

Join me for immersive classes and workshops, or elevate your well-being with personalized one-on-one sessions. Experience the ultimate in centering and grounding through Aromatouch sessions, designed to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. Embrace a journey of self-discovery and well-being with me as your guide.


Empathic Healer

Amanda's mission is to empower individuals on their journey towards a harmonious and fulfilling life by blending ancient wisdom with modern coaching techniques.

As a Reiki Master, spiritual conduit, and life and health coach, Amanda uniquely integrate the principles of energy healing and spiritual connectivity. Amanda is committed to guiding your personal evolution, fostering growth, facilitating healing, and catalyzing transformative change. Drawing upon the profound idea that true wellness emerges from the delicate balance of mental clarity, physical vitality, and spiritual peace.

She is dedicated to providing the tools and guidance necessary for your personal and spiritual development. Together, you will navigate the intricate tapestry of life, uncovering the paths to balance, purpose, and fulfillment.


Massage Therapist & Energy Healer

Sam is a natural healer, gifted intuitive bodyworker & beacon of heart energy.

He has thoroughly studied many healing modalities including Craniosacral therapy, Myofascial Release & Lifeforce Energy Awakening Process (LEAP).

Sam has devoted his focus to learning how to nurture the physical, emotional & energetic bodies.

"My approach to healing involves guiding my clients internally to connect with their intuition so they may live in harmony in their truest expression of self."


Massage Therapist

Combining Reiki and Massage, Bre offers a holistic healing experience.

Bre is a licensed massage therapist of 12 years and am certified in reiki levels 1, 2, & 3. Bre loves connecting with others through her work.


Yoga Teacher & Intuitive Photographer

Aubree is a creative and intuitive yoga guide, known for her gift in creating safe spaces. She spent a month in Peru getting her 200 hr YTT certification through the School of Yoga Institute. She leads her class with the invitation to soften or find your edge throughout the practice.

Yoga is an experience of Ayni (Ayni is a practice of giving and receiving; deep reciprocity in the Andean culture) For Aubree, being on the mat is a deep reminder to connect with Ayni through the breath and experience the same connection with all consciousness off the mat.

Come experience the joy and simplicity of Yoga with Aubree!



Dr. Allie helps women connect to their true selves by assisting them to heal and unwind old wounds. By day She does this through gentle Chiropractic Care, Craniosacral therapy, vibrational therapy, and health guidance.

You can experience Allie in our Rhythmic Harmony Class a fusion of rhythm and motion through somatic movement, drumming, and a chiropractic touch of Caraniosacral release.

"Drums, and movement have been a big part of my own healing. I love to combine the two with meditation to really drop into the body.


Meditation Guide

Helping to guide you towards an inner journey of self-discovery with the timeless practice of meditation.

Thomas has been practicing and teaching meditation for nearly 8 years, having studied and taken great influence from Buddhist and Yogic traditions such as mindfulness, metta, qigong, and yoga.

He is a 100 HR Certified Meditation Teacher (CMT) and is in training for his 200 HR CMT through Yogamu as well as his 200 HR Yoga Teacher (YTT) through Divine Yoga Studio.

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