Nurture Your Soul

Experience PEACE in your daily life.

Deep connection, support, validation,

& healing in a loving safe space!

Live in person guided classes.

Offering you a unique pathway to

self-discovery, healing, and growth.

You can learn to experience true PEACE.

Whether you are just beginning or already have a daily practice,

My Mind & Body Collective has a place for everyone.

Building community and healing at the same time.

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The collective supported my growth through these changes by providing a safe and loving space that brings together a beautiful and diverse group of people who are all there to heal, evolve, and support others. I immediately felt comfortable to be vulnerable, and began experiencing life changing effects and new lessons at every class and ceremony.

Now that I am on the other side, I am learning to further identify what my inner child needs, and give that to her from a place of compassion. I was never truly able to relate to myself in this way before. It has improved my self confidence and ability to practice self love by changing my inner dialogue and inspiring me to make better choices. These things have helped lower my stress and anxiety levels, and in just a few months, have had positive effects on my relationship, my income, and my energy and enthusiasm.

- Ginger

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